Apr 27, 2019

DIY Lost PLA Aluminium Casting of CNC Replacement Parts by Tailortech

Tailortech released a great step-by-step video on how he designed, 3D printed molds and metal casted the replacment parts for his CNC. You can learn a lot of you want to do something simillar with lost PLA casting / investment casting.

First video in three part series:

Project Instructables page:


Apr 7, 2019

Miller's Planet attempts to build 3D Printed a brushless DC motor

He attempts to drive his DIY brushless DC motor with MOSFETS, opto-isolators, and hall effect sensors. Code is in the video description.

RepRap WHEELIOS by Nicholas Seward

Wheelios is interesting RepRap design by Nicholas Seward. It  is a wheeled 3d printer that can theoreticaly print in infinite plane as it moves.

Sure, it is a prototype and a concept, but the idea behind it can be developed further in the future and find some applications.

Mar 30, 2019

Advanced PCB Milling on a DIY 3D Printer

Tech2C has published a video about advanced PCB milling on HyperCube 3D printer.

Small Wood Frame DIY 3D Printer by Creativity Buzz

Creativity Buzz YT channel published a build video featuring a small wood framed 3d printer design powered by Arduino. Looks interesting. Anyone knows the model or more about this design?

Modded DIY 80w CO2 Laser Cutter by Caleb Chico

Caleb Chico made a custom 80W DIY CO2 laser cutter. It looks amzing with all the LED lights. Like a modded gaming PC case. I like it :-)

DIY PCBs Made on a Home Laser Cutter

Applied Science developed a new chemical process to make double-sided PCBs with a laser cutter, and some common chemicals. He intended it to be used on SLA 3D-printed parts, but may work on many other materials.

How Strong are 3D Printed Thread Inserts?

Great exploratory video by CNC Kitchen about strenght of 3d printed thread inserts.

Morphing and Transforming Devices from BYU

Cool new IronMan tech or just another "reinvention" of origami?

Source: https://news.byu.edu/news/byu-researchers-unfold-new-class-mechanical-devices

Mar 10, 2019

Tutorial: How to Set Up LinuxCNC to Work With a Touch Plate

Rob Shuster made this excellent tutorial on how to set up LinuxCNC to work with a touch plate.

DIY Depowder Station for 3D Prints Post-processing

3Digitalcooks made a useful DIY depowdering station. You can save some money and make your own post-processing cell to clean various powder types from a finished part.

Project homepage: http://3digitalcooks.com/

New Slicer - Pathio from E3D

Pahtio homepage: https://pathio.xyz