Jan 25, 2012

3d printed music record

3d printed music record with some simple music:

Jan 23, 2012

TEDtalk by Lisa Harouni on 3D printing

Great talk on 3d printing technology and its potential.

New 3d printing category on Piratebay

As I was browsing The Pirate Bay today I'v noticed new category: Physibles 
It is all about real world objects and 3d printing related files.
At this time it has only four entries, but I'm sure it will grow as the 3d printing goes mainstream. Intellectual property rights issues related to 3d objects will be interesting to observe ....

From the blog:

Evolution: New category.

We're always trying to foresee the future a bit here at TPB. One of the things that we really know is that we as a society will always share. Digital communication has made that a lot easier and will continue to do so. And after the internets evolutionized data to go from analog to digital, it's time for the next step.

Today most data is born digitally. It's not about the transition from analog to digital anymore. We don't talk about how to rip anything without losing quality since we make perfect 1 to 1 digital copies of things. Music, movies, books, all come from the digital sphere. But we're physical people and we need objects to touch sometimes as well!

We believe that the next step in copying will be made from digital form into physical form. It will be physical objects. Or as we decided to call them: Physibles. Data objects that are able (and feasible) to become physical. We believe that things like three dimensional printers, scanners and such are just the first step. We believe that in the nearby future you will print your spare sparts for your vehicles. You will download your sneakers within 20 years.

The benefit to society is huge. No more shipping huge amount of products around the world. No more shipping the broken products back. No more child labour. We'll be able to print food for hungry people. We'll be able to share not only a recipe, but the full meal. We'll be able to actually copy that floppy, if we needed one.

We believe that the future of sharing is about physible data. We're thinking of temporarily renaming ourselves to The Product Bay - but we had no graphical artist around to make a logo. In the future, we'll download one.

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Jan 22, 2012

3d printed chain maille and tests against steel weapons

3d printed chain maille. Do not use against steel swords or arrows.


Here are some trails and tests of 3d printed chainmail against steel knives and arrows. It offers very low level of protection.

Jan 13, 2012

Cube 3d printer

Shannon Morse interview with Cathy Lewis from 3D Systems presenting their Cube 3d printer on CES 2012.
It is expected to hit the market April-May 2012 with price of some 1299 $. It works with their www.Cubify.com page that will sell designs and give cut to the designers. It looks like more market oriented approach, not so open source "diy geeks club" as we are used until now ...

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Jan 9, 2012

Makerbot Replicator!

New 3d printer from a major player: Bre Pettis introducing Makerbot Replicator. Bigger printer with larger print volume and available dual extrusion heads. Pricepoint at 2k $. Let's see what will competition do ...

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Dec 8, 2011

3d printed ATM skimmer found

Looks like someone used 3d printer to print out very realistically looking ATM parts to read out card data and capture PIN numbers. Skimmer was found in July of 2011 on Chase Bank ATM in West Hills, California.
IMHO: I somehow see criminals using it as sign of 3d printing technology paradigm changing power

More pictures and info on:

Dec 3, 2011

3d diy printer problemsolving: How to prevent bending when printing big objects

Thanks to youtube user JMEMetzel's instuction video, here is an interesting way to prevent warping or bending when 3d printing large objects on your diy 3d machine. Problem happens when there is a difference in cooling of ABS plastic due to a size of a printed object. He solved it by placing holes and notches to avoid big differences in cooling of large model.

Objet new materials

Presentation on Objet industrial 3d printers new materials. It includes human head model that shows various 3d print qualities and working 3d printed violin.

3d printing systems desktop printer

Another 3d printer I found from "3d printing systems". Seems like new 3d startups are everywhere.


Nov 29, 2011

3d printing with metal

Metal 3d printing. Looks complicated (even if its not). Heavy machinery, multiple stage process, models are fragile at early stage. Still, I can imagine it is much harder to get metal object with complex aesthetics using "regular" methods of metal work.

New RepRap print quality advancement

New advancement in RepRap print quality (with non-standard nozzle).


Quality - Open Source for the Win (Part Deux)

A short while ago Neil posted here about the way RepRap 3D print quality is starting to knock spots off the proprietary competition.

Well.  This blog is not the place for RepRap spinoff company Ra Ra, so I have left it until our sales campaign here is just about over before making this post.  (And no - I couldn't manage to resist abusing my position and including the link.)

Jean-Marc just printed Misguided's Screw Cup from Thingiverse (above) on one of our RepRapPro Huxleys in ABS.  We used a non-standard 0.3mm nozzle  (standard is 0.5mm) and a layer height of 0.1mm.  It took a while under those conditions, of course - 5 hours.

But check out this surface finish under the microscope:

The line is a 60-micron human hair (selflessly donated by Christine Bowyer under only mild protest; as those aware of my appearance will know, I am incapable of providing such a sample myself).

We think that the quality we're getting is rather good...