3D Printing Education

John Hornick presents 3D Printing State of the Art in 2015 at LESANZ event. Excellent overview with many interesting details about all current 3d printing technologies and companies.

3D Printing - past, present and future

Everything you wanted to know abut 3d printing but was afraid to ask:

Webinar about medical applications of 3d printing explaining technologies, materials, uses, sterilization and other related issues in general medicine and dentistry.  It is focused on focus on materials, prototyping, fixtures, tooling, teaching aids, and production parts. GA great introduction both for medical professionals, DIY biologists, body hackers and amateurs.

Do you have trouble with your FDM based 3d printers and their output? Check this visual guide on repair and improvement of 3d print quality:


GoEngineer webinar on everyday 3d printing:

Webinar on basics of 3d design for 3d printing:

Berenschot's Senior Managing Consultant Onno Ponfoort on New Business Models with 3D Printing

"3D Printing and the Future (or Demise) of Intellectual Property" by John Hornick

What is 3d bioprinting? Can it print human organs? Adam Feinberg, associate professor of biomedical engineering and materials science and engineering, describes and demonstrates his work in 3-D printing soft materials.

Andreas Bastian, Enable Community Foundation Board Member and Autodesk Senior Research Scientist keynote speech at DigiFabCon April 2016. He speeks about 3d printing in prostehetics and technology in general.

Very useful manual on Hackaday on how to build a high-quality sturdy FDM 3d printer. it goes trough several subsystems and almost all parts:


At the TCT Show 2016 Conference, Steven Catt, Mechanical Engineer at Thales spoke about how the company is going back to the early stages of design to look at where it can apply additive manufacturing, particularly in the manufacture of components for space.

How do different print technologies look on the same model:

Detailed but understandable explanation on how a DLP stereolithography works:

Patrick Dunne from 3D System explains the principles and philosophies behind good 3D designs at CES 2016.

Free webinar about high-resolution 3D printing for ZBrush artists:

Webinar chronicling the scanning, CAD work and printing of a functional 3D printed electric guitar from 9-21-16. Webinar presented by Tony Riggs of GoEngineer.

Essential tools and techniques that the professionals use for post-processing of 3D printed parts. Get your parts looking perfect with the tips and tricks discussed in this webinar. Webinar presented by Drew Davis of GoEngineer.