Jul 19, 2020

Collecting Covid-19 Fighting DIY Projects on LBRY

Hi there dear reader!

Let me give you a short introduction to my latest small project. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemics I've noticed that there are many interesting DIY project spread around multiple platforms. I'ts hard to find everything in one place and some of the projects just disappear after a time. I decided I'll make my own collection on a distributed open sourced blockchain-based platform, LBRY, to preserve them for future usage or research. 
I find some of the project very useful (various adapters, clips, mask making patterns, glove removers), and some are of questionable quality but may use as inspiration. Use them at at your own risk and in communication with your local medical official.  

You can see the collection and download the projects at: https://lbry.tv/@fightpandemics:b