Jul 13, 2019

3D Printed Transforming Drone with Samara Autorotating Wings

Project description:

Published on - IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters Vol. 4 Issue 3
Title - Dynamics and Control of a Collaborative and Separating Descent of Samara Autorotating Wings
Authors - Shane Kyi Hla Win, Luke Soe Thura Win, Danial Sufiyan, Gim Song Soh and Shaohui Foong

Abstract - To deliver lightweight sensor payloads to disaster-struck areas bymeans of an aerial deployment, a novel bio-inspired method capitalizing on autorotation to slow down vertical descent rate is proposed. This concept is illustrated using the samara autorotating wing (SAW) platform, which features a unique collaborative mode where multiple individual units are attached mechanically together to form a collective rotor hub for increased controllability. This rotor is designed with a simple de-centralized separation mechanism to detach into singular units during flight upon command, catering to different mission profiles. The dynamic models for singular state and collaborative rotor hub state were developed, and free-flight simulations were conducted in different modes including the separation stage and control performance for both states was analyzed. Experiments were set up for increased motion-capture region and free-flight drop tests and separation flights were carried out to verify the simulations. Finally, using a multi-rotor as an aerial launch platform, control performance for the single-winged state was evaluated in real-world conditions.