Jun 29, 2019

Setting Up and Operating a Generic Chinese Laser Cutter Tutorial

Here are great tutorials by SerbarMultimedia on how to set up and operate a generic Chinese laser cutter.

Cool DIY Gyroscope by Engineer BrunS

Jun 23, 2019

Great 3D Printing Projects by GlytchTech

I just found GlytchTech and he has some really cool 3D printing projects.

NAVI drone project page:

Fire Resistance Test of 3D Printed Parts by Maker's Muse

Angus tested fire resistance of ABS, PLA and PETG 3d printed parts. Stay safe people, fire extinguisher is always a good thing to have.

Jun 15, 2019

3D Printing on Fabric and Carbon Fiber by

Slicing Settings Tutorial by Maker's Muse

Controlling Laser Cutting with Inkscape by Tech2C

Tutorial on CNC Bits and End Mills by Mark Lindsay CNC

Polar CNC Drawing Machine by Mr Innovative

Additional Resources:

Black Ram Hand

Project homepage:

Please do not hurt other living things with your 3D prints...

How to Design Parts for CNC Machining by Adam Bender