Feb 23, 2019

Infinite Print Volume RepRap HELIOS by Nicholas Seward

Oasis 3DP Open Source Powder and Inkjet DIY 3D Printer

Ytec3D developed an open sourced powder DIY 3d printer based on inkjet cartridges.

Project description:
Oasis is a powder and inkjet 3D printer (3DP) that uses older inkjet technology to print an object. HP45 inkjet printheads jetting binder are used to bind powder locally. This part can then be cleaned and treated to create an 3D object.
3DP can print in several materials to get several results: 

  • Gypsum: For full color parts if printed with a color. Infiltrated with CA afterwards; 
  • Sand: For sandcasting moulds; 
  • Sugar: For edible prints; 
  • Ceramics: For printing stoneware. Parts need to be fired afterward;
  • Metals: With a lot of post processing; 
Oasis (and my other 3DP printers as well) were developed to add powder and inkjet 3D printing to the list of open source 3D printers.
Oasis is not a finished printer, rather a working prototype. Software and hardware may have quirks. 
  • Build size: Ø84mm x 100mm;
  • Printhead: HP45;
  • Printhead DPI: 600;
  • Printhead swatch size: 300 nozzles, 0.5" (12.7mm)

Project homepage:

Building Carbon Frame Bicycle with DIY 3D Printer

I really don't like Red Bull, but here is a cool video on how 3d printing is being used to make a DIY carbon frame bicycle.

Feb 9, 2019

New Stereolitography Resin-based 3D Printing Technology

Researchers at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory invented a new resin based 3D printer, which they nicknamed "replicator". It sure looks cool.

Four Cool CNC Projects - from Small to BIG

Here are a few interesting CNC projects starting from small ones, like RasPi case, to big and complex ones, like a full DIY staircase.

Adafruit RasPi case:

Project page:

MakeSomething  DIY Epipfone guitar body:

HomeMadeModern full wood cofee table made on a big industrial multiaxis CNC:

... and a full size DIY spiral staricase made from stacked CNC cut plywood sheets: