Aug 9, 2017

DIY 3D Printable Kinetic Charger Power Bank

Here is a very useful project you can make on your 3d printer with some electronic components. It's a fully functional induction powered charger with battery power bank. It charges the battery when you move it.
All structural components are 3d printed and you will need some magnets, copper coils, battery and an electronic controller.

Main components:

  1. The Inductor consists of a 9-magnetic Halbach array and three coils.
  2. PCB contains an inductor 200mA step-up-converter, a battery charger, and a battery step-up converter 5V 2A output.
  3. The lithium-polymer battery with 2800 mAh capacity.
  4. The case consists 4 parts and is made with 3D printer.

The designer, TanyaAkinora from Ukraine named it "Elveet".

Video presentation:

Instructables page with the construction guide and all the files:

Thingiverse page:

Charge schematics: