Aug 30, 2017

3 Simple Hacks to Protect your Files from Theft, Piracy, and Plagiarism

Angus from Maker's Muse shows how he protects his files from theft, piracy, and plagiarism. He uses watermarks, invisible or hidden watermarks, and hiding a text into a file. All those measures can be defeated but that is just nature of the digital world.

Maker's Muse page:

3D Printable DIY Moka Pot Made with Formfutura Volcano PLA

Stefan from CNCKitchen in Germany designed and successfully made a fully functional 3d printed coffee Moka pot. Due to high temperature needed to reach the internal water pressure he used Formfutura Volcano PLA. Do keep in mind that this is a demonstration and not everyday usage object. The pressure build-up in a closed plastic vessel can be dangerous.

Thingiverse page:

If you are not sure what Moka pot is, here is the wikipedia page:

Aug 27, 2017

DIY Open Source 3D Printable Submersible Glider Drone

Alex Williams developed and built this sophisticated open source submersible glider drone. 3D printed elements are the main components.

Project description:

There has been a breakthrough with low cost autonomous drones and as this capability has matured a wide range of hobby and commercial applications have developed. There are no affordable extended duration underwater exploration platforms and this project aims to address this need. 
Utilising commodity hardware, 3D printed parts and an open-source autopilot, I aim to produce a low cost and versatile underwater glider capable of extended missions of up to weeks at a time. I hope that by having this platform available, it would reduce the cost of underwater projects for all, from hobbyists, amateur scientists to seafood farmers

Video of mechanical motion, buoyancy drive, and central mass movement assembly:

Underwater testing of the glider in a pond:

Project page with all the details:

Building and Flying 3D Printable OpenRC Quadcopter

Anton from Sweden documented his process of building and flying a modified version OpenRC beta quadcopter.

Anton's YT channel:

Vitaprint 3D Bioprinter by IRNAS from Slovenia

IRNAS Institute from Slovenia is developing some serious bioprinting open source machines. Respect.

Project description:
VITAPRINT is an open source 3D bioprinting project developed by our Symbiolab. It is a platform of open 3D bioprinting, including open hardware, methods and demo files, which serves as a basis for our collaborations with researchers from science and industry. We act as the key technology partner and help them apply the convenience of 3D biofabrication technology in their specific application and facilitate the transition of ideas into operational devices and procedures.

Vitaprint homepage:

Aug 9, 2017

Hack the Electronics of Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

Robin Reiter wanted to develop his own custom UI for Monoprice Select Mini so he needed to reverse engineer the electronics and software. He documented the entire process in detail and made an interesting video about it. it's a must-see if you are interested in the internal working of 3d printer electronics and driver software.

Check out Robin's YouTube channel:

All the code is available on the GitHub:

DIY 3D Printable Kinetic Charger Power Bank

Here is a very useful project you can make on your 3d printer with some electronic components. It's a fully functional induction powered charger with battery power bank. It charges the battery when you move it.
All structural components are 3d printed and you will need some magnets, copper coils, battery and an electronic controller.

Main components:

  1. The Inductor consists of a 9-magnetic Halbach array and three coils.
  2. PCB contains an inductor 200mA step-up-converter, a battery charger, and a battery step-up converter 5V 2A output.
  3. The lithium-polymer battery with 2800 mAh capacity.
  4. The case consists 4 parts and is made with 3D printer.

The designer, TanyaAkinora from Ukraine named it "Elveet".

Video presentation:

Instructables page with the construction guide and all the files:

Thingiverse page:

Charge schematics:

Aug 8, 2017

Printrbot Printrbelt Working

Printrbot Printrbelt is making some nice progress. It is a continuous conveyer belt 3d printer that can print some long objects. New videos and features are released and here is a short overview.

Here is a 6 foot long sword:

Here is Wiliam Steele from Polar3D showing how the software control is implemented on Printrbelt:

Printrbelt producing many smaller objects (gliders) in a series:

Aug 7, 2017

Prusa New Water Soluble Supports

Slic3r Prusa Edition in the latest version 1.36.2 comes with improved printing with water soluble supports. On Prusa i3 MK2 MultiMaterial you now have three ways to print with support. Basic supports from the same material as on regular MK2/MK2S, water soluble supports everywhere and water soluble only on the interface layers.

Here is the video presentation:

With this features, Prusa is getting more powerful and competitive even when compared with much more expensive machines.

Prusa post with detailed information:

DIY 3D Printable Hot Glue Pen

TanyaAkinora developed a fully functional DIY hot glue pen that is powered by a simple electric motor.

Detailed construction guide and all the files: