May 6, 2017

3D Printable DIY 600 Watt Halbach Array DC Motor

Christoph Laimer, well known for his 3d printable motor designs, developed a new and more powerful DC motor. It has 600 Watts of output power and performs with more than the 80% efficiency. The magnets of the rotor are arranged as a Halbach array and the motor runs with a standard ESC widely used in different RC applications (plane, drone, car etc.).

This project is a perfect example how you can use 3d printing for some ver powerful and practical printable objects. This is not just another fidget spinner, THIS ROCKS!!!

Presentation video:

Construction tutorial video:

Testing with the propeller attached:

Project homepage where you can buy the files for 10 USD (well worth when you see how effective this design is):

Very detailed step-by-step Instructables page: