Apr 3, 2017

New One Arm SCARA 3D Printer from Nick: RepRap Helios

Nicholas Seward is developing a new type of SCARA 3d printer with one arm. It looks interesting. 

Nicholas wrote:
This 3D printer is a work in progress. I am currently printing parts and have all the components.
This printer can print items over 24 inches long if shaped correctly while being able to fit in a 10inch cube. My plan is to print directly on a tape covered table. I think it will be possible for it to print all of its own parts at once.
I am working on a name. Feel free to drop some suggestions. Current names: Copernicus, Helios, Homer, ScARMa, Tyr (Tyr is a 1 handed god.), One Armed Bandit

Go see his channel for other developments:


Here are the firs movements of RepRap Helios:

3D rendering of Helios in development phase: