Apr 17, 2017

Amazing RepRap Helios with Sequential 3D Printing

RepRap Helios is a SCARA 3d printer with some great features combined with unique movement mechanics and design approach.

Introduction video:

Key specifications as described by the developer:
  • It is highly printable.
  • 153mm arms similar to RepRap Morgan
  • Gear reduction similar to RepRap Morgan
  • Same kinematics as RepRap Morgan (Well...this can change arm modes but we won't start doing that until after we get some prints.)
  • Fits in a 200x225x250 box
  • Can print objects that are up to 600mm long
  • All four motors (400 steps/rotation) are static while providing a structural support and their own wire-management.
  • Prints directly on a tape covered table
  • Planning on using an IR depth probe
  • Could probably print all the parts for a self-replication run in one go.

Here is the sequential printing on a flat table surface with some blue tape demonstrating the advantage of this machine:

Great work by Nicholas Seward! Since this is a project in development we can expect much more improvements.

RepRap forum development thread:,760198

Google+ Helios page with further details including very good print results: