Nov 17, 2016

3D Modeling in Virtual Reality with the HTC Vive and Kodon

Here is a demonstration of 3d modelling for 3d printing in VR environment with Kodon software.

The rabbit looks somewhat weird:

Kodon on Steam:

For other VR projects click on "virtual reality" tag beneath,

Nov 16, 2016

Advanced 3D Printing with Wire Deposition for Electrics Projects

Disney researchers developed a 5 axis 3d printer that can also lay metal wire for electric and electronic devices. Wires can be fixated by extruding plastics on it. Since it moves in 5 axis, it can make overlapping wire coils and other intricate geometry objects. 

Project description by Huaishu Peng:
We introduce a new form of low-cost 3D printer to print interactive electromechanical objects with wound in place coils. At the heart of this printer is a mechanism for depositing wire within a five degree of freedom (5DOF) fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer. Copper wire can be used with this mechanism to form coils which induce magnetic fields as a current is passed through them. Soft iron wire can additionally be used to form components with high magnetic permeability which are thus able to shape and direct these magnetic fields to where they are needed. When fabricated with structural plastic elements, this allows simple but complete custom electromagnetic devices to be 3D printed. As examples, we demonstrate the fabrication of a solenoid actuator for the arm of a Lucky Cat figurine, a 6-pole motor stepper stator, a reluctance motor rotor and a Ferrofluid display. In addition, we show how printed coils which generate small currents in response to user actions can be used as input sensors in interactive devices.

You can see it in action here:

project homepage with more information:

While this project looks interesting, wire deposition with 3d printer head is not new in DIY world. Spoolhead was a RepRap project in early 2010 that did something simillar.

SpoolHead homepage:

Nov 10, 2016

How to make great 3d printable headphones

Shannon from Australia published this great tutorial on how to make easy DIY 3d printable earphones with cheap parts. Anyone can buy Beats and just follow the hype, but only few can claim they maid their phones by themselves. Great project!

Instructables page with all the files and step-by-step build guide:

Quick and easy way to recycle failed 3d prints in an oven

Devon shows hot to recycle failed prints in an easy and cheap way using your oven only. Basically you just melt them to get a flat thick sheet of plastic and use it in molds to get something useful.

Even if you keep it in the brick or sheet form it is easier to store, transport or build with.

You can cut the sheet on a band saw:

Nov 9, 2016

Captive Nut in 3D Object Integration Tutorial

If you want to have a metal nut that fits inside 3d printed part perfectly here is a great tutorial. It also includes a part how to design it in a a CAD software.

From project description:
A captive part is a piece of hardware that is embedded or attached to another such that it's "trapped" inside. This is particularly useful in applications where you want to mount something like a tensioning nut or a leadscrew nut for linear motion. This can also be used to integrate other components, such as electronics or magnets.

Tutorial can be found at:

Nov 5, 2016

Teen Died in 3D Printer Related Accident

And the media is using it for fear mongering and demonizing the technology. It looks like the cause was not even a 3d printer ...

Here are the original news articles:

Here are Joel's comments on the accident:

Here is a video from Barnacules:

Stay safe people!!!

Nov 4, 2016

3D Printed RC Boat Race in Red Hook

They say its world's first. Nice community event. I would like to see something similar on my town's lake.

Red Hook regatta:

Nov 1, 2016

Low Cost 3D Printable Eye Movement Tracker

Crazy Eyes. Is this art? Is this science? Is this just a joke? It could actualy have many uses ...

Project description:
The project consist in developing a lightweight wearable/portable animatronic system that track the user's eyes and moves in real time a pair of robotic eyes in response to the users eye movement, "looking" at the same place where the user looks. The device should be ultra low cost ( under $30 ), DIY-able, and easy to be included in costumes, cosplay, Halloween props or any crazy devices that the user can think of.

They are actualy working:

Project homepage: