Oct 17, 2016

What if you could carry a small 3d printer everywhere?

What if you could carry your 3d printer with you as a small bag? What if 3d printers were everywhere? Researchers at HPI explored this possibility with actual hacked 3d printers and 3d printing pens to  test the implications on everyday life.
It would basically give you magic power to repair and replace everything on the spot with incredibly low cost. Sure, we are not there yet, but technologies and concepts are slowly converging to this point.

Here is a detailed talk by Thijs Roumen about the entire concept, the research conducted and the results:

Here is a video focused on the mobile printing process:

They used modified M3D machine which was cut down to more compact size of 9cm in hignt, equipped with a UDOO control PC computer, shoulder strap and a battery. I expect that someone will make simillar open sourced machine soon.

HPI page about this project:


Detailed research paper in PDF: