Oct 1, 2016

WAZER Desktop Waterjet Cutter

Wazer is first desktop water jet cutter that is affordable and compact enough to use at small workshop. It can cut trough metal and other materials.

Wazer is on Kickstarter now for 4499 USD:

Waterjet technology has significant advantages over conventional cutting methods:
  • Cuts any material
  • Achieves intricate detail
  • Requires no ventilation
  • Results in a smooth surface finish
  • No heat-induced material warping

How Wazer works and how to operate it:

MAKE presentation:

DiResta Wazer test where he cuts the knife out of old machete:

Wazer technical specifications:

Here is the Wazer Kickstarter:


Wazer company homepage:


I'm interested in operating costs of Wazer, specially the consumption of cutting abrasive. I think it is not recyclable. It could be really expensive.