Oct 30, 2016

TRENDi Maker V3 3D Printer

TRENDi Maker V3 DIY 3d printer follows the tradition of small machines with 3d printed parts. It is a RepRap essentially. It uses metal rods and other vitamins but there are no additional support elements lake lase cut parts other than 3d printed supports.

Project description:
This is my small 3D printer. It is not mini (A little bit smaller, than standard Prusa). No parts for laser cutting. Basic things You need to have in mind, if You want to make it:
6 mm smoth rods(relatively LM6uu bearings), M5 threaded rods for Z(2x 20mm M5 nuts), PC PSU 350W, E3DV5 (reworked) clone, Mega2560+RAMPs 1.4, Nema17 motors and Geeetech 152x152mm heated bed. My build size is XYZ 110x140x90mm. Z can be extended to 100-105 mm. X can be extended to 140 mm, if You want to lose 3 point bed leveling and to rework Y holder for heatbed.
Printer in action:

All files to make it can be found at: