Oct 29, 2016

Smartfriendz Smartalu 3D Printer

Smartfriendz from France have a new open source 3d printer design. It is the Smartalu based on aluminum frame and a large print area. It looks very sturdy.

Printer description:
Taking account of reprap evolution, we are sliding to all metal construction frames, bigger printable volume and better quality.
This printer is 27x26x25 cm printable size, with all modules made with 3mm aluminium lasercut and some printed parts.
The structure is still our 20x20 aluminium frame assembled with bosh torx 6x16 screws and drilled profiles. We can't find a better system to assemble a solid frame.

Smartalu in action:

All files and instructions to make it can be found at:



You can also buy it as a kit for 645 euro: