Oct 15, 2016

3D Printable Smart Glasses based on Raspberry Pi Zero

Ricard Ferro developed the DIY smart glasses based on Raspberry Pi Zero. They have a 3d printed frame that holds everything together.  Interesting project with many possible applications, hopefully it will be developed further and get a community of contributors.

Here is a video showing OCR recognition:

Project description:
At a lose for words? Can't describe an object? PiZero SmartGlass can help you with that by using image recognition tech. Make your own smart glasses easily with the Raspberry Pi Zero! Affordable and easy to build, retro-wearable 3D Virtual Stereo Digital Video glasses are around $75 along with the Pi Zero. This display uses composite video to connect the Pi Zero's video out pins and are easily customized. There are many applications for image recognition, which allows computers to translate written text into digital text. The PiGlasses can help with the field of machine vision, recognizing people and objects. Add a battery pack and your PiGlasses are ready to go!
Project pages: