Dec 5, 2015

Apple and Autodesk Patent Color 3D Printing (Apple patents liquid metal casting also)

OMG NOOOOO ... Apple files a patent for a 3d printer that prints colored objects with color being applied by separate nozzle. Maybe it's a tipe of defensive patenting or some corporate IP strategy. I hope they develop it and make it cool, but after Apple Pen fiasco I'm not getting my hopes up ...

Patent page:


PS: I am really not an Apple fan ...

Update (21.2.2016.)

Autodesk has patented color 3d printing also. Maybe it is the beginning of color patent wars.

Update (19.3.2016.):

Apple has filed for a new patent connected to 3d printing and molding technologies:
Apple’s patent application covers a method for 3D printing investment molds to be filled with molten amorphous alloy. These alloys are configured to form a bulk metallic glass (BMG) on cooling. BMGs, (also known as Bulk Amporhous Alloys) are a new class of metallic alloys that are extremely strong, with superior elastic strain limits and resistance under shock impact. They are therefore ideal for the manufacturing of electronic device housings and cases.
Here is a patent page: LINK

Looks like Apple is going into transformable and liquid metals!!! Remember Terminator ...

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