Nov 20, 2015

RevoMaker Multi-directional 3D Printing with Embedded Electronics

RevoMaker uses hacked standard 3-axis FDM 3d printer and a laser cut cube core to print on its six sides. Cube core element can contain electronic components so ypu can make compex geometry objects with active components.

From project description:

We present “RevoMaker”, a self-contained 3D printer that creates direct out-of-the-printer functional prototypes, using less build material and with substantially less reliance on support structures.
By modifying a standard low-cost FDM printer with a revolving cuboidal platform and printing partitioned geometries around cuboidal facets, we achieve a multidirectional additive prototyping process to reduce the print and support material use. Our optimization framework considers various orientations and sizes for the cuboidal base.
The mechanical, electronic, and sensory components are preassembled on the flattened laser-cut facets and enclosed inside the cuboid when closed. We demonstrate RevoMaker directly printing a variety of customized and fully-functional product prototypes, such as computer mice and toys, thus illustrating the new affordances of 3D printing for functional product design.

RevoMaker presentation video:

RevoMaker project homepage: