Oct 7, 2015

Chimera DLP 3D Printer You Can Build for Under 60$

Here is one of the cheapest DIY 3d printers you can make, with cost at around 60 USD, and it is DLP SLA machine!
It also comes with very detailed construction guide made by the developer "matstermind".

How can the price be so low? Mostly by using used or scraped parts. You can see it in the parts list below.

Bill of materials:
  • 1x Mitsubishi XD221u 1024x768 video projector, used or second-hand $50
  • 1x computer disc drive laser deck assembly (must be one with a stepper motor), free from scrap disc drive
  • 1x Arduino UNO / Duemilanove or atmega328 based Arduino clone, $4 ebay, used or second-hand
  • 1x Easydriver v4.4, $2 from ebay
  • misc wire, solder, etc.
  • (optional) Ability to etch circuit boards (you can protoboard/breadboard it if you have to)
  • (possibly) 5v, .5A power supply. Some laser decks can be powered by the USB port by the Arduino, some may need a power supply to be plugged into the Arduino or M+ on the easydriver to make the motor move. It will depend on the power of your USB port. My deck did not need one.
  • Total=$55.5
  • (optional for frame) scrap wood for free or 2x4ft MDF board or $10 from hardware store

Looks rough and simple with wood frame. I like the style ...

Chimera is named inspired by mythological creature that is made up of three different animals since this printer is made by using the recycled/modified parts of three different categories (projector, toys, and old computer stuff), hence the name.

Video of Chimera working its DLP resin hardening magic:

Print quality looks good:

Chimera has a very detailed construction guide at: