Jun 18, 2015

TRINT low cost plywood DIY 3d printer by Kalle Lüütsepp

Kalle Lüütsepp made this simple and low cost wood based small 3d printer. It can probably be sourced for some 150 euro. Hopefully he will open source the build files sometime in the future.
Alle the files to make this printer are available on Thingiverse:

Here is the project description:

3D printer TRINT with printing area X,Y,Z 140x140x80 mm

Plywood (21mm) parts are CNC-machined in and some details are 3D printed. It can also do without the 3d printed pieces.
The printer needs:
  • stepper motors 40mm 4pcs, 
  • electronics RAMPS 1.4 with limit switches,
  • hot end parts,
  • LMUU8 linear bearings 12pcs,
  • 8mm shafts 300mm 2pcs, 280mm 2pcs, 230mm 2pcs,
  • coupling 5 to 8 1pcs,
  • threaded rod 8mm 200mm 1pcs,
  • 20 tooth gt2 pulley,
  • timing belt gt2 700mm,
  • 25 mm long M6 polts 6pcs,
  • 20 mm long M6 polts 2pcs, 
  • steel cross dowel nut M6 4pcs
  • flanged bearing 6x15x5 8pcs,
  • some M3 polts 25 mm long
  • some 3mm wood screw 16mm long

Here is video of it in action:

Here is a photograph of it:


Here is a new wooden Trint 3d printer named "TrintCore3D"

Tech specs:
  • Belts are two planes (corexy)
  • External dimensions: 304x287x311
  • Printing area: 150x120x100
  • Linear bearing: LM8UU 12pcs
  • Bearings for belt: flanged (F623ZZ) 3x10x4 24pcs

TrintCore3D overview:

All the files and instructions can be found at: