Jun 25, 2015

Clean your house with 3d printed vacuum cleaner robot, 3d printed broom and antimicrobial kitchen scrubber

I hate house cleaning. I really do. It was a source of many arguments with my girlfriend in the past, but I think she got used to it now.
If you hate it also (or even if you like it), here are some DIY projects that can hel keep your house clean with a help of 3d printer.

We thought about buying roomba vaccum robot but it is just too expensive here in Croatia. There are several homemade Roomba clone projects but Jake Lee made a 3d printable DIY vacuum cleaner robot named Panda.

Here is a video of Panda in action:

If you want to make your Panda, here is a full build guide:


Mark Leonard developed a 3d printable broom you can use on your floor.

More detailed guide on how to do it with bridging code and other advanced bridging projects can be found at:


Luckily we do have a dishwasher so I don't have to wash dishes by hand, but if you do you can always 3d print your dishwasher or 3d print a scrubber in antimicrobial Purement filament designed by Jake.

You can find all the files to print it at:


More detailed article:


Happy cleaning! No, I'm just kidding ... I feel your hurt ...