Jun 21, 2015

5axismaker is next generation of desktop manufacturing machines

WOW! I really dig this concept of five axis multi-tool! It gives you 5 axis CNC machine that includes milling and 3d printing heads, touch probe, hot wire-cutter and a special mount for custom tools. This is probably a dawn of low cost multi-axis and multi-tool digital fabrication devices.

The company that is developing it also created open source Grasshopper script that allows programming of this 5-axis machine.

It was sold on pre-order from Kickstarter campaign for £4,499 (about $7000). The pack included:
Base 5axismaker: 5axis machine + 1 milling tool head + Set of Tools (Touch-probe, 3d printer, Wire-cutter, Adapter for other tools). 5axismaker cutting/making volume 400x400x400 mm.
I'm really looking foreward for developments in this field! Only 3 axes is sooo yesterday!

Here you can see a close-up video of conformal 3d printing in 5 axis:

Company homepage: http://5axismaker.com/

Technical specifications: http://5axismaker.com/5x/tech-specs/

KS campaign page: