May 27, 2015

SinapTec ultra cheap DIY 3d printer controller board

Here is a very simple open source controller board you can make yourself even with low skillset.

SinapTec description:
SinapTec AT328.02 is a 3D FDM printer controller board of very low cost, its operation is based on an Arduino Nano running a version of Teacup_Firmware. The board layout is designed so that it can be manufactured by any hobbyist, it is a simple face plate with through-hole components. The board was designed by: vdirienzo. SinapTec its fully open source.
Technical details:
  • 1 Arduino Nano socket.
  • 4 Pololus sockets (X,Y,Z y E)
  • 3 Line in for X_MIN, Y_MIN and Z_MIN endstops.
  • 2 Line in for Hotend and heated bed sensors.
  • 3 Mosfets outputs for Heater, Fan and Bed (this last with independent power supply).

Development forum:,499849

Detailed wiki: page: