May 25, 2015

RepRapPro Fisher Delta 3D Printer

RepRapPro launched their new 3D printer and it is a low cost Delta! It is named Fisher Delta and it is priced at £199.00+VAT

Printer description:
The latest 3D printer from RepRapPro. Benefits from simple assembly, auto calibration and very fast motion. We are currently offering these kits as a beta version, for a discounted price. The machine is fully functional, but the design is likely to evolve a little before a full release.

Basic specifications:
– Build volume 150mm diameter, 180mm height
– Nozzle diameter 0.4mm

– 12.5um resolution in all axes
– Removable print surface
– Spring loaded kinematic locations, 1um repeatable positioning and bed probing
– Direct drive extruder with all metal stainless steel nozzle

– Duet electronics
– 32 bit ARM cortex microprocessor
– Ethernet and USB interface
– On-board microSD storage

– Automatic calibration of print surface and delta parameters
– Smooth realtime motion
– Internal webserver for access via ethernet, with DHCP and netBIOS

– Machine controlled via web interface
– Prints gcode files provided by Slic3r and other open source slicing software

Delta homepage:

Here is Fisher Delta printing:

We are still waiting for third party reviews and tests.