May 6, 2015

OPAM water cooled metal hot end

OPAM is a new all metal jot end with water cooling from Singapore developed by Leong Khit. It will be open sourced when the Indiegogo campaign finishes.

The design is simplified by:
  • Combining the nozzle, heater block and heat sink into 1 single piece of SS304
  • Using water cooling as it is far more effective than air cooling
  • Removing any PEEK or PTFE material
The benefits of a One Piece design are as follows:
  • No leaks/jams between the nozzle and heater block's contact surface
  • No galling of the nozzle's thread (since it is built-in as part of the design)
Key Features:
  • 1 piece construction (the nozzle, heater block & heat sink is combined into 1 single piece of SS304) to eliminate jams
  • Water-cooled for high temperature extrusion of up to 350°C
  • Short & Sharp transition from cold to hot portion (just 4mm)
  • Built-in stainless stain nozzle
  • Compact design (Light weight of 40 grams) for high speed printing
  • Price: 60 USD for early-bird backers on IG

It is on Indiegogo now:

Here is a detailed review by well known Thomas Sanladerer: