Apr 3, 2015

Win a 3d printer in 3d Hubs and Instructables giveaway contest!

They are giving away 13 best 3d printers if your project submitted to Instructables wins! Good luck!

Here is the summary from their campaign!
Incoming! We've teamed up with Instructables for an amazing 3D printing contest, here's the deal:
Write an Instructable about your 3D printed creations & hacks, telling us how you did it, and submit your project to the Contest. Anything 3D Printing goes, so let your imagination run wild.
Now here's the awesome, together with the 3D Printer manufacturers we're giving away 13 of best 3D printers (chosen by our Hubs) to the winning entries:
  • UP Mini,
  • UP Plus 2
  • UP Box
  • Lulzbot Taz 5,
  • Lulzbot Mini
  • 3x Rostock Max
  • Ultimaker 2
  • MakerGear M2,
  • Kossel Mini,
  • Sharebot Kiwi
On top of that, we're giving away a $2000 3D Print voucher and all contest entrants will receive $10 free print credit.

Sounds cool? Enter the contest on Instructables now.