Apr 3, 2015

Printrbot Paste Extruder

Brook Drumm of Printrbot posted on his G+ about Printrbot Paste Extruder.
He announced some possible interesting future implementations of this type of extruder:
  • Heated syringe (chocolate and human cells??)
  • Printable files to convert to dual chamber syringe with quick drying silicone and a mixer nozzle (off the shelf stuff)
  • quick setting UV resin paste with light on the end of the tip 
  • conversion to a Bowden type setup so the extruder can sit on the table getting all that mass off the printer
  • a sister extruder that will push moist clay through a bigger hose for big clay prints ready to fire
  • large pneumatically assisted reservoir for longer/bigger prints feeding a screw drive print head
  • new material mixes for sturdier paste and firmer clay to support the weight of the print (cellulose, etc)
  • metal construction to get rid of laser cut wood 
  • dabble in concrete then scale it up
  • -ugar paste for edible goodies
  • shortbread cookie recipes for cookie paste
  • pancakes, anyone?
  • 3d jello art
  • crazy ideas from the community welcomed here!!
Printrbot Paste Extruder with large pate syringe mounted on Printrbot Simple Metal

This extruder is still in beta and not yet available for purchase.
Here is the repository for Printrbot paste extruder BETA if you want to upgrade your Printrbot:

Printrbot Paste and Food Extruder is now released and here is a detailed operational video:

If you want different version of paste extruder developed by the community look at: