Apr 23, 2015

Limitless 3d printer and CNC mill hybrid

Project description from the maker:
Limitless is a revolutionary new automated multi tool. With Limitless, projects and ideas can be brought to life using one of many methods. Inventors and engineers can bring projects to life using the milling machine, 3d printer and other tools we plan to add such as a laser cutter. Limitless is a dynamic platform which is always changing to suit the needs of its users.

Unlike all other personal platforms, Limitless uses a robust controller similar to the ones found in industrial machines. We do not use all-in-one controllers for our automation. Each one of our large stepper motors has its own motor driver with separate power supply. We also provide the largest work space out of any other brand! With a granty clearance of 14 inches and a table size of 23.5 x 33 inches, we are the largest most versatile CNC combo tool one can buy!
With Limitless real prototypes can be produced! Since we have such a large work area, projects often do not need to be scaled down. Buy upgrading to our 6 axis controller a lathe option can be added as well, adding even more versatility to the platform. Also, all of our tools (Spindle, 3d printer, and, potentially a laser) are always installed on the “Z” axis, so there is no need to swap out tool heads. You just choose the profile you plan on using and you are good to go!
Company and product page: http://advancetecheng.com/index-Automaiton.html

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