Apr 9, 2015

Hacking Autodesk Ember

Here is a compilation of tutorials on how to hack and tweak your Autodesk Ember DLP 3d printer. It is interesting to see that this machine made by a major corporation can be easily open and tinkered with.

Accessing the control electronics block and USB to control the LCD projector

As always you do this on your own risk! Warranty will probably be voided. 

Here is a tutorial on how to increase power of Embers motors, unstuck frozen prints with brute force and make full volume printing easier. Motors will probably have shorter life span. Basic knowledge of electronics is needed.

How to access and control Embers internal Wintech projector via USB for more power and control. In theory it should enable higher speeds. This tutorial also goes into drivers and software.

Here is some research and testing on how will the PDMS tray window clouding influence exposure time:

... and to maintain the Ember resin tray:

If you want to use different resins in Autodesk Ember, here is a guide on how to set it up and calibrate it:

... and to calibrate the head:

Here is simple guide on how to update Embers firmware:

You can find several more on Instructables:

How to upgrade Ember's motor control and front panel:

Here is a guide on how to disassemble Ember build arm:

If you have any problems and want to remove the Ember projector here is detailed instruction page:

There is also a way to get sub-pixel resolution on Ember which could also probably work on other DLP 3d printers. Here is the explanation video:

Here is the Instructables tutorial: