Apr 3, 2015

Diamond Hotend mixes three filaments

Diamond hotend is a new attempt to make a hot end capable of mixing three colors from three filament inputs.

Key features from product page:
  • 3 pcs inputs for 1.7 mm filament
  • Common 0.4 mm nozzle orifice
  • Smallest possible mixing chamber for minimal waste and fast color change
  • Cutout for standard 40W heater cartridge and leaded thermistor
  • 3 pcs threaded mounting holes for state of the art E3D v6 HeatBreaks & HeatSinks
  • Combined mounting bracket and airguide for optimal cooling by a simgle fan
  • Optional pendant for attaching a 5015 blower fan for extrudate cooling
  • The key feature of The Diamond Hotend is the diamond shaped nozzle. We have designed the nozzle to have smallest possible mixing chamber, to make color shifts as fast as possible and to avoid unnecessary filament waste. To ensure rapid nozzle heat up we have constructed the nozzle as compact as possible.
Here is the KS campaign video:

Here is Diamond hot end printing in multiple colors on Prusa I3:

Additional links:


Company page: http://reprap.me/extruder/diamond-hotend.html

Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wr3d/the-diamond-hotend-single-nozzle-multi-color-3d-pr/description

Diamond has raised some controversy and some negative comments were made. We will see what the future holds.