Apr 11, 2015

Aquero self filling 3D printed bottle

3D printing is used in water desalinization / purification and water cooling projects, but here is a innovative approach by Project Aquero to use 3d printed machine to create water from air. The cooling  element is thermoelectric metal unit.

Here is a project description for their page:
Project Aquero is an effort towards creating the world’s self-filling water bottle and it has thus far been successful. Our prototypes generate 50mL of water per hour in standard conditions of 80% Relative Humidity and 24°C. In a world where less than 2% of freshwater is drinkable, an alternative means of collection is necessary. Aquero condenses vapor in the air into potable water.
It is portable with a footprint not much larger than that of a standard refillable bottle. It is cost efficient, using key innovations and modern manufacturing to maintain low prices. It is effective, optimizing condenser technology to produce the greatest water yields.
They plan to use solar panels to provide electricity on future models.

Video promo:

Project homepage:

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I really wander will this project be implemented. Prototypes look interesting ... but I see many obstacles ... For full production and distribution injection molded plastics is much cheaper but still it would be great to have open sourced 3d models ...