Apr 12, 2015

3DBenchy torture-test and calibration tool

You want to put your 3d printer to the hard torture test? Now there is a free high grade model and website for it: the 3DBenchy. It has a specially designed boat model that has all the different parts to test all various aspect of your machine.

3DBenchy model

3DBenchy models printed by +Bj√∂rnMarl to benchmark the left sliced with Kisslicer, on the right with Slic3r. He writes: "Both are within specs by 0.05mm, but the surface looks quite different. Also with Kisslicer the name on the rear of the boat is almost readable, no chance for that with Slic3r." 

Here is a description from the site:
What is #3DBenchy?
#3DBenchy is a 3D model specifically designed for testing and benchmarking 3D printers. It is a small recognizable object that you can download for free, make and share.
About #3DBenchy
#3DBenchy is designed by as a calibration and torture-test part for 3D printers. Here you can download the STL-file and read more about 3D printing. #3DBenchy is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Official 3DBenchy video:

3DBenchy homepage:

On a personal note: first thing that came to my mind was "This is so great and useful how come I didn't think of this and maid it myself!" Kudos to the developers!