Mar 11, 2015

Youmagine releases 3DPL Open Source License for 3D Printed things

YouMagine is a huge 3d model repository and 3d printing community and  they have take a huge step by releasing their open source license: the 3DLP.
They have community to participate with their ideas and suggestion in finalizing the license, so go and do your duty netizen!

You can read the 3DLP license here:

What are some interesting things about the 3DPL?
  • The design must always be attributed.
  • All subsequent derivatives of a shared file must be available for remix and sharing.
  • If the creator requires that you include reference to be printed on or in the physical printed object, such as a logo or name, you have to respect that and are not allowed to remove that reference without the creator’s approval.
  • If one doesn’t abide by the terms of the license the rights granted under the 3DPL will be terminated immediately.
  • If you fail to comply with the license such as selling a work that was meant to be non-commercial then you must pay the creator 3 times the gross revenue you made on the sale.
  • Arbitration for conflicts between parties is arranged for in accordance with the WIPO Expert Determination Rules.
Youmagine has 3 license types:
  • REMIX: With a REMIX license your derivative work must be available to remix and share by others.
  • REMIX — NON COM A REMIX — NON COM license restricts the use of the Design File, the modified Design File and any Designed Product to non-commercial use only. The Design File, the Modified Design File or any Designed Product may not be used with the intent of making money directly or indirectly from it.
  • REMIX — RIGHTS MELT REMIX — NON COM for 12 months melting down to REMIX after 12 months. With a REMIX — RIGHTS MELT license your design file is available as a non-commercial share-alike file for 12 months. After this period the license will automatically become REMIX.
Learn more on Youmagine blog where you can also get involved in community development process:

This makes me even bigger fan of YouMagine and hopeful for the future of intellectual property rights issues in 3d printing arena.