Mar 11, 2015

WASP rotating mixing clay and straw extruder for 3d printing houses

Italian 3d printer company WASP presented a novel extruder for big machines that will 3d print houses in the future. Their clay extruder has a sieve and mixing auger and rotates as it deposits building material that can be sourced locally in poor countries.

Here is the project description:
Massimo Moretti and his collaborators don’t forget their main focus: to build 3D printed houses with a very low cost, expecially in developing counties. Now here we are to the turning point: WASP exhibit for the first time at 3D Print Hub in Milan the new extruder, completely redesigned, a rotating extruder.
It is a small revolution. Advantages are several. This kind of system require little energy, it cleans by itself, it can be assembled and disassembled in a very few time, it has a costant speed control. These technical solutions can be transposed in a bigger scale. This is the reason because WASP team consider this transition as crucial in 12 meters tall 3D print building, which is in progress. WASP will give very soon more details about this new fronteer, which has been reached thanks to the constant research.

Here are the videos of extruder and Wasp large clay delta making house parts:

Here is a video of the extruder printing with long straw fibers to give more strength:

Source in Italian: