Mar 8, 2015

Sardauscan is the cheapest DIY 3d scanner in the world

Sardauscan is probably the cheapest 3d scanner in the world and there is very little space to reduce the price.
You can build this 3d scanner for under 30 USD. It is controlled by cheap Chinese copy of Arduino Nano and you only need two USB ports on your computer to power it. The most expensive part is a Hercules HD Twist webcam.
The Sardauscan is developed by Fabio Ferretti from Belgium and it is open sourced! Great work Fabio!

All the files needed to build it yourself with some instructionscan be found at:

Software to run it (still under development) can be found at:

Detailed building guide on Instructables:

Here is the summary Bill Of Materials with estimated prices:
  • Bunch of M3 (16 and 20 mm)
  • Bunch of M4 (12 ans 20 mm)
  • 1x Chinese Arduino Nano (Chinese copy, 4$)
  • 1x Chinese Stepper Motor and controller (5$) 
  • 1-4x Line laser (2.5$ piece) 
  • 1x Hercules HD twist webcam (15$) 
  • 20x20 profile which can be printed: for example
  • Optional 3x 4mm roller (0.3$ piece)
  • Total estimated price: 26.5$ (1 laser) to 35$ (4 lasers)
Here is the software showing the scan results: