Mar 30, 2015

Retro designed 3d printer in post-WW2 table saw frame

I LOVE the design of this 3d printer made by Chad Bridgewater! It is a true piece of art! This custom combines modern technology and vintage design as he developed his 3d printer based on a frame of old post-WWII Craftsman table saw.  He re-purposed this two machines for his MFA thesis and he will aslo present old press drill turned int CNC mill.

Here is his NOS 3d printer in old table saw:

Kudos Chad! You Sir are a master craftsman!

You can see more details and much more pictures at his blog here:

He also made a laser engraver in post-WW2 table saw:

Thanks for the tip Franklin Flood!

Here you can see hiss drill press upgraded into CNC router:

... and some photos from his MFA exhibition:

Cool toolboxes!


Chad has a new project: