Mar 2, 2015

Powerful 3d printable robot arm for your future home manufacturing robotic cell

If you thought that 3d printed robots are just toys, think again! Here is a strong and powerful 3d printed robotic arm with gripper that is based on well-known (I'm not sure which :-)) industrial version.
It is well documented and constantly updated. It comes in "blue" and "orange" version, the blue uses stepper motors, the orange DC-motors. Encoders provide 12 bit resolution with an arm length of some 500mm. That results in less than 1mm accuracy (more realistic is 2mm).

The arm is developed by Andreas Hölldorfer, a master student at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Great work Andreas! You rule!

Definitely not a toy. Power and strength. I wonder is it precise and fast.  Is it durable and serviceable. Source:

Your coffee is served master. Source:

Here is a video playlist that goes trough development process stages: project page with additional information, build log and updates:

Thingiverse and GitHub with all the files:

Project blog:

Since the design is publicly available and looks relatively easy to make, I can see it as a part of future home manufacturing cells. Or as a personal assistant. You choose ...


Here is the latest development of this arm with many improvements.

Update 2:

Here is a new design of the robotic arm: the Mantis arm.

Here is the video of the robotic gripper:

Here is the parts list, more information and files for download: