Mar 22, 2015

LitePlacer DIY pick and place machine with camera guidance

Juha Kuusama developed a DIY pick-and-place machine inspired by Shapeoko CNC router. It is fully functional with computer vision / camera effector guidance, BOM import and precise enough to place 0402 parts with the vacuum head.

It is still not rough enough to take full production quantities but is more suited for small series of PCBs at 200-400 components per hour. The accuracy is limited and it can not yet do 0201s.

Very impressive video introduction and demonstration:

Here is the project homepage where you can get all the plans and custom software or buy a kit for 1199 euro:

if you want to build it yourself, guide is at:

LitePlacer hardware is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

If you are interested in PCB manufacturing also check: FirePick 300USD DIY Delta pick-and-place or how to hack your 3d printer into solder paste dispenser.