Mar 3, 2015

ExtrusionBot EB2 modular and fast filament extruder with cruncher and spooling modules

ExtrusionBot has new flagship filament extruder model: the EB2. It features high extrusion speeds at 6,5 feet per minute and modules that can be attached to it like cruncher that will shred 3d printed objects for recycling into new filament and spool winder.

Technical specifications:
  • automated touchscreen user interface
  • expanded materials (Nylon, HDPE, LDPE, HIPS, PET, plus ABS and PLA)
  • filament cooling mechanism
  • universal power adapter
  • embedded pellet hopper
  • 2 USB ports for smart module attachment
  • Price: 899 USD

Spooler module will ensure that the extruded filament is properly coiled up

Cruncher module will crunch your failed or unwanted 3d printed objects and make new filament from them

ExtrusionBot EB2 homepage:

Here is a video of Cruncher module destroying plastic clamshell packaging.


Finally something useful you can make with them.

If this is too expensive for you and you have some mAd Sk1Lz you can build your own filament factory: