Mar 2, 2015

Evolution of 3d printed robots from Yoshimi to Sells with help of conductive filament

Adrian Bowyer posted interesting overview of how 3d printed robot model developed trough time and how the technology advances.

It starts with Yoshimi, a 3d printed robot developed by Ed Sells made on expensive Stratasys machine (since RepRap didn't exist at the time) and was wired manually trough internal channels filled with Wood's metal.  The process was slow and messy, electric connections were unreliable.

Yoshimi 3d printed robot. Source: RepRapPro

As the technology advances, Adrian updated the robot design which he calls Sells now in honor of Ed. Tho robot can be printed on cheap dual extruder home 3d printer like Ormerod in one go and is internally wired with F-Electric conductive filament.

Sells 3d printed robot. Source RepRapPro.

We are moving in small steps, but we are moving forward! The advancements are obvious in span of few years.

Here is the original post with more details: