Mar 2, 2015

EddiePlus simple 3d printed balancing robot based on Intel Edison

EddiePlus is Intel Edison and Sparkfun Blocks based balancing 3d printable robot that is easy to make. It has many features for such a small machine and is developed by diabetemonster.

Key Eddie features:
  • Rechargeable
  • WiFi Enabled
  • Remote Control
  • FPV Capable
  • Open Source
  • Wheel/Motor encoders
  • Faster Motors
  • Bigger Wheels
  • Dual PID control on each wheel
  • Dynamic balance
  • Anti-drift when traveling in a straight line
  • No exposed screws
  • Interchangeable head
  • Backpack to keep electronics safe
  • Build Guide to assist in assembly
Features in development:
  • iOS application (can accept a limited number of beta testers)
  • Bluetooth control

Here is video of Eddie showing how it can carry a small object:

You can find all the files, code and instructions for construction of this robot here:

GitHub source code repository: