Mar 11, 2015

Autodesk makes their Ember PR48 resin open source

In an unusual move for such big corporation Autodesk has made their PR48 resin recipe open source.
Kudos Autodesk! They even announced that they will make their Ember DLP 3d printer open source also.
It is licensed under

Here are the reasons for open sourcing it from the source webpage:
  • We have an open approach, and encourage the use of 3rd-party materials in our printer. We include 3rd-party materials in the defaults for Ember's online model preparation and slicer, and are adding more as we optimize their settings for Ember: you can check them out at (You don't actually need an Ember to use the site.) This Instructable describes how to test new resins:
  • Autodesk is thinking differently about 3D printing, and sharing under an license reflects our commitment.
  • Open sourcing our resin formulation is only the first step in the journey of opening our 3D printer and our Spark 3D printing platform.
Here are the ingredients:
  • Photoinitiator: 2,4,6-Trimethylbenzoyl-diphenyl-phosphineoxide (TPO) 0.40%
  • UV blocker: 2,2’-(2,5-thiophenediyl)bis(5-tert-butylbenzoxazole) (OB+) 0.16 %
  • Reactive diluent: Genomer 1122 19.89%
  • Oligomer: Ebecryl 8210 39.78%, Sartomer SR 494 39.77%
Are those ingredients even available for open sale?

You can learn more on Spark blog:

Huge moves in the industry ... will this Spark the  DLP 3d printers revolution?