Mar 29, 2015

3D printed robotic arm controlled by FRDM-KL25Z MCU

3D printed robotic arms seem to be very popular projects to develop. Here is a new one controlled by FRDM-KL25Z MCU and powered by stepper motors.

It was dsigned and made by user "madivak" for his undergraduate level course. Hopefully he releases the files to the public.

Video of the arm moving:

Project homepage:

Here is another video with author and robot in action:

Presentation day, robotics unleashed.
Alexx Makau mazoeano uwache... u should quit photography u r very BAD at it, focus on what u r good at.. we all know what that is..hehheh AFRICA with robotics. Full details at DIY 3D Printing Freescale Semiconductor Robotic Arm
Posted by Madiva Graf on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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