Mar 2, 2015

3d printed RC Mars rover robot

Josef Vladik from Czech Republic designed and 3d printed a remotely controlled Mars robotic rover inspired by Curiosity rover. It is all wheel powered and controlled with Arduino Mega.

Tech specs:
  • main control unit is Ardunio Mega. 
  • for moving six 9g servos re used with metal gears and they are customized for 360 rotation 
  • for steering six standard 9g servos are used 
  • control is standard 4 channels 
  • Powered by 2S or 3S lipo battery - 6V SBEC

Here you can see this DIY rover in action:

... and here is the rover going over the obstacles:

Here is the project homepage (currently unavailable) where the author posted build instructions:

Here are all files on Thingiverse:

Here is the updated Mk" version with additional robotic hand gripper:


NASA released the official 3d model that is 3d printable of their real rover: