Feb 24, 2015

Too lazy to wash dishes by hand? Just 3d print a water powered DIY dishwasher machine!

Filip Sjoo from Sweden developed this ... this ... 3d printed washing contraption :-) !

Technically it is "worlds first fully functional 3d printed dishwasher" but I see it more as a example of 3d design skills since it takes some knowledge to put all those gears and water powered turbine to work together.

Now, it's a nice design and idea, but it looks like it uses a LOT of water since it needs a strong stream to power it. You would probably save some money by using your hands or standard washing machine.

Still ... great work Filip!

Now, if you want a functional dishwasher related scenario of use see how to repair a gasket with your 3d printer.

There are TONS of 3d printable DIY replacement part for dishwashers on Thingiverse: