Feb 26, 2015

SmartCore low cost wooden box 3d printer

SmartCore is a new 3d printer developed by SmartFriendz who gave us SmartRap. It should be VERY affordable, cheap and easy to make since the frame is a simple wooden box made from any available wood sheet.

The design elements like motor size, rod size, print volume and wall thickens are customizable and the design files can be recalculated. Since I'm a huge fan of wooden frame 3d printers I really like this design and will follow the project closely!

The project is still in development and could have some small disadvantages like slightly higher noise level since the box is an acoustic resonator.

All the files needed to make your own Smartrap Core can be found at:



SmartFriendz Lab: http://smartfriendz.com/

Here is a video of Smartrap Core in action:

Boxes are cool, they hold stuff! You can even build your 3d printer in a milk bottle box! Yes ... old plastic milk crate! Technology is awesome!

Update (16.3.2015.):

Here are SmartCores printing:

I really like the colors!