Feb 4, 2015

First Austrian 3d printing classroom in polytechnic school Vorchdorf

In RepRap facebook group I saw very interesting news. In Austria they opened first 3d printing classroom in a polytechnic school in Vorchdorf. The teaching cabinet looks great and has 8 3d printers. Project was made possible by cooperation of government, school, RepRap Austria and Otelo.

My first thought was: WHY DON'T WE HAVE IT HERE IN CROATIA?!?!?!?

Austria is country we look up to and hopefully someone will create a similar project. I'm pessimistic since IT is still being thought with floppy disks.We are sooooo faaaar behind with everything ...

You go Vorchdorf! For The Win!

How is your school system doing? Is your country implementing any 3d printing educational program for the kids?

Source: Ben Ny facebook