Jan 3, 2015

TriDom crane mounted building 3d printer

TriDom construction 3d printer is machine with excellent idea behind it! While other construction printers have complex and big gantry systems, TriDom is a retrofit kit that can be mounted on static or mobile cranes that are usually used in construction work. It can basically turn an existing crane in robotic arm where a crane does 80% of work and the TriBot frameless Delta does the other 20%. Simple and effective!
I'm not sure how will the crane and TriBot interface or how the crane will be guided? Maybe it can even be done manually for rough outlines and the TriDome mechanics will compensate for precision with agile printehead. We will see... very interesting and marketable tool...

TriDom is project by Yaron Schwarcz and Anielle Guedesv, and it is still being developed.  Great work!

TriDom home page:

Here is a TriDome video presentation: